October 30, 2008

Motion sickness drawing

This is the drawing I said I would do about that hard time I had on the 'mini' plane in Tasmania.
I reckon the drawing makes it look worst than it was.

October 27, 2008

Out of space

Lately I've been having sort of a crisis for work area... Our unit back home is much bigger than the one here, sometimes I wish we were there. Here I am always running out of space. As you can see, my workbench is wrestling with Daniel's bikes.

Our unit in Sydney

Our unit back in MedellĂ­n

October 22, 2008

Motion Sickness

Last week we went to Tasmania with a friend and we had a great time. It's beautiful down there.

We took a plane tour going to Southwest National Park. I bought some pills for motion sickness but forgot to take them so it wasn't long before I started filling "Sic-Sac" bags. I felt pretty bad although the views were fantastic!!

(I will be drawing that Sic-Sac bag).

October 21, 2008

Desktop Magazine

There was an article on Jacky Winter on the Illustration issue of Desktop Magazine.
Many JackyWinter artists appeared (my JW image was included) but Matt Huynh even made it on cover!!

Welcome to an extension of my right brain

It took me a while to decide but finally I am starting this blog.
I prefer talking than writing and do it better in Spanish than English so you will find here some spanglish unprocessed thoughts.