October 10, 2010

Weekend in Melbourne

Last weekend we went to Melbourne for the UCI Road World Championships. We had the best time and we managed to pack in four days not only the races but a visit to Tim Burton's exhibition, a visit to the new JackyWinter headquarters, nice walks and great food!
I got to see cancellara's thighs although we did to much walking and I had sore legs.

Meanjin Quarterly

Meanjin Quarterly is a journal founded in 1940 and known primarily as a literary magazine. Nowdays it's a publication of the University of Melbourne and beautifully designed by Chase & Galley.
I did the illustrations for the cover and dividers for the latest number which was about Melbourne and its culture.
You can find more previews on my website.

Mission Dolores

A few months ago I had some short holidays in San Francisco. It was my first time there and stayed for a couple of days with friends in Mission. It's such a beautiful city, it's similar to Sydney in some ways. The houses and buildings are so beautiful and I loved the buses that can carry bikes, those were new for me!
The thing is that my friends are leaving San Francisco for good so I thought I could draw their 'latino' neighbourhood for them to remember it wherever they move to. Oh, of course that's their Smart car.